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Hydronic Heating uses a system of heated water recirculated throughout the house to transfer a radiant heat through a chosen medium, floor coils and panel radiators being the leading choices.

Every client is offered an individual assessment of their heating requirements based on the style and structure of their home. Using the size and construction style of each room the system is uniquely designed so that the comfort associated with hydronic heating can be achieved. Efficient, quiet and dust free.

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With over thirty years experience in the field of Hydronic heating Machydronics offers quality workmanship on a full range of services.

We are committed to providing professional and reliable hydronic heating requirements in Geelong and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for heating solutions that promotes a healthy environment for your clients or family, a system that is free of circulating allergens or dust and a system that promotes comfort, which is unrivalled by any heating solution - you need not look any further than hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating can be achieved in a number of ways, each involves heated water running through a system of pipes to reach a heating outlet then being reticulated back to the heating source.

The first thing to consider when designing a hydronic heating system is the style of heating most suitable for your home.

If you are building on a slab then pipes laid into the slab (referred to either floor coil heating or slab heating) is the preferred heating option. The slab will then have a finish of polished concrete or tiles. Certain types of wooden floors can be placed over slab heating but this must be confirmed by the supplier/manufacturer/installer as the heat coming through the floor may affect either the wood or the products used in the installation. Carpet may also be placed over slab heating however this increases the warm up time.

If the build is two storeys than slab heating downstairs and panel radiators upstairs is a popular option. A partage box is installed with the boiler which allows the water temperature for the different heating systems to be diverted. The water heats to 50 degrees for slabs and 75 degrees for panel radiators.

If timber floors are the preferred choice in your home then panel radiators would be the recommended heating choice.

If you have a timber floor but limited wall space trench convectors would be an alternative.

Call Machydronics to discuss which type of heating is most suitable for your home.

New builds or renovations, install hydronic heating and experience this winter with a new level of comfort.

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At Machydronics, we pride ourselves on the professional and reliable service we offer to our clients both before and after installation.

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